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Differ Hope Primary was officially completed

Release time:2017-03-20

The grand opening ceremony for the main campus of Differ Hope Primary School was held in Nanping Zhenghe Village, Jiangxi Province on 17 March 2017. It was attended by the Party Secretary of the Zhenhe Village Education Department, Chairman of the Education Department, Mr. Lin Liangming, the Mayor  Mr. Ye Xianshen and the Party Secretary Mr. Ni Yan,  Vice Chairman of the Education Department Mr. Kuang Caihua, President of Differ Financial Holding Company Limited Mr. Huang Bin, and all the members of staff of the School.

Differ Hope Primary School occupies 300 square meters of land with a GFA of 1005 square meters. It has 12 classrooms equipped with AV systems. 

The School has primary 1 to primary 6 with 106 students and 6 teachers. The main campus was built in the 80’s and needed major upgrade.

On top of donating the building, Differ Group has also prepared new school uniforms for the students so that they can have a brand new start in a new school year.